Step by Step installation Guide: FedoraGSearch (with ant)

Installing Fedora GSearch 

1.  Download from

2.   Extract it and copy fedoragsearch.war to C:\fedora\tomcat\webapps

3.   Restart tomcat and you will get the fedorasearch directory.

4.   Open the configvalues.xml file from 
      in order to edit it and save it in an external folder somewhere

5.   Edits: the main edits are related to changing the passswd for your 
      fedoraAdmin account, as well as the directory of your webserver
·         <property name="fedora.version" value="3.4" />
·         <property name="soap.deploy.pass" value="fedora" />
·         <!-- Change to my tomcat directory  if you are using external server   -->                     
·         <!-- property name="webserver.path" location="C:/apache-tomcat-6.0.28" / -->
·         <property name="webserver.path" location="${fedora.home}/tomcat" / >
·          <!-- <property name="basic.repos.1.fedorapass" value="fedoraAdmin" / -->
·         <!-- property name="srf.repos.1.fedorapass" value="fedoraAdmin" / -->
·         <!--property name="lucene.repos.1.fedorapass" value="fedoraAdmin" / -->
·         <!-- property name="test.repos.1.fedorapass" value="fedoraAdmin" / -->
·         <!-- property name="solr.repos.1.fedorapass" value="fedoraAdmin" / -->
·         <!-- property name="zebra.repos.1.fedorapass" value="fedoraAdmin" / -->

6.   Download ANT from

7.   Extract it to some directory
      (make directory to store your personal program files) 
      I made MyProgramFiles folder

8.   Copy configvalues.xml (edited one) file to   
       C:\MyProgramFiles\apache- ant-1.8.2\bin
9.    Run in cmd prompt
  C:\MyProgramFiles\apache-ant-1.8.2\bin >  
       ant -f configvalues.xml configOnWebServer

- It created in 
  C:\fedora\tomcat\webapps\fedoragsearch\WEB- INF\classes\configBasic\index\BasicIndex
- It created in  
- It created fedorasearch.properies in 
- It created a folder gsearch  in  C:/fedora 
  (should have  C:\fedora\gsearch\BasicIndex (cfs,gen and other stuff)) 
                if not try copy & paste it from here or create new one it may work

11.   In file in
          C:\fedora\tomcat\webapps \fedoragsearch\WEB-INF\
          classes\configBasic\repository \BasicRepos

 Change : fedora/data/objects  to  data/objectStore

           #fgsrepository.fedoraObjectDir = C:/fedora/data/objects
           fgsrepository.fedoraObjectDir  = C:/fedora/data/objectStore

12.   Restart Tomcat and
        Run: http://localhost:8080/fedoragsearch/rest to test it.

         > LOG IN to Fedora
         > Add objects by going to File ---> ingest ---> multiple objects from

         > Demo --->(this will add all demo objects) or you can select one by one    
         > now select FOXML radio button and OK
              Go to Log file to get which objects are successfully ingested by going to--->
              C:\fedora\client\logs (which shows failed and success of objects)

            for eg demo:22  > go to  http://localhost:8080/fedoragsearch/rest   
         > update index > paste  in  pid : demo:22   and updateIndexformPID 
         (Result should be : Resulting number of index documents: 1)

          Now Go to browseIndex and enter in Start Item demo:22
          (Result should be :  1 terms found. )


  • If all went well. You have just installed Fedora GSearch.

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